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Terberg Machines, designs and manufactures a formidable range of bin lift systems, with models ranging from simple hydraulic systems to the most advanced fully automatic electric solutions, Terberg also offer an accompanying range of dynamic weighing and identification systems.

Based in IJsselstein, the Netherlands, Terberg Machines' bin lift systems are distributed worldwide, sold predominantly through our group, our subsidiaries and our network of distributors.

Earlier in 2020, the number of manufactured bin lift systems leaving Terberg Machines state of the art manufacturing facility surpassed an amazing 25,000.

These systems are used to collect municipal and industrial waste, with models offering a low or high ‘rave’ rail, electric or hydraulic power options, body-integrated or frame-mounted, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation.


The clearest trend since the advent of the wheelie bin as modernised waste collection strategies increased across the globe is the development and adoption of automatic bin lift systems. Due primarily to the increasing cost of labour and explosive growth of the number of wheeled bins, 90% of what Terberg Machines manufactures are fully automatic bin lift systems and are used the empty 1,000 to 1,500 bins per day. It is only when emptying large bins of commercial waste that time is less relevant and manually operated systems can sometime prove more cost effective. An early innovator in their field, Terberg Machines began designing and manufacturing such automatic systems over thirty years ago. Then, as now, they aimed to support our customers with advanced technology to make their waste collection operations more efficient, more safe and with an optimised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



The demand for low-noise, environmentally-friendly collection equipment is a clear trend which we answer not only with the eCollect eRCV but with our innovative electric drive system that provides many low voltage, electric versions of our popular hydraulically powered bin lift systems. Electric drive delivers with both low noise and reduced fuel consumption (on an diesel chassis) and Terberg Machines is a leading innovator in this area, supplying electric bin lift systems such as the OmniDEL(E) that are powered solely by the 24 V vehicle chassis batteries, without the need for PTO driven hydraulics and the associated increase on fuel consumption.



Both public authorities and contractors want to operate their vehicles as efficiently and flexible as possible. For that reason they increasingly choose bin lifts and RCV bodies which can handle several types of bin, or separate waste fractions. Terberg Machines considers all parameters, such as bin size, pick-up height, lid shape and attachment system to provide multi-purpose and specialist bin lift systems that provide the flexibility required but still maintain a safe and reliable operation. The integrated bin lift systems available for the Olympus TwinPack are particularly impressive and can be tailored to the waste stream(s). Our Olympus Twin Pack RCV has two separate split compaction bodies, compaction systems and two bin lift systems that make it posssible to collect two different waste streams at the same time. This reduces the number of collection rounds and lowers the TCO for the operator.


Our extensive in-house experience, expertise and total customer focus means that the bin lift systems
available meet almost every requirement.


Bin Lift Manufacturing at Terberg Machines


Bin lift systems. At the heart of what our Terberg Machines facility does, we've been manufacturing and supplying them since the introduction of wheelie bin back in the 1980's.

From our very first basic prototype's through to the front line, fully automatic, low voltage, electric OmniDEL (E) today.


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Dynamic Weighing and RFID



The next generation of certified dynamic weighing from Terberg (TMDW) provides a simple and reliable solution to meet all requirements for container weighing.


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Terberg Machines not only anticipates and responds to relevant trends and customer requirements, but also conform to ISO standards for design and production. Ergonomics and ease of operation are constantly optimised with every iteration of product design, while quality and safety take priority. Similarly, the company guarantees the highest construction quality by using robust designs, high-quality materials and reliable components such as smart sensors and maintenance-free bearings. In terms of safety, Terberg Machines innovations conform to all European safety and design requirements for lifting devices for refuse collection vehicles. As a member of the NEN-EN1501-1/2/3/5 standards committee they monitor all current developments. The committee lay out a comprehensive range of measures that ensure the safety of the vehicle loading crew, ranging from safety arms which shield them from the bins and moving parts to the side, through to ensuring the safe engagement of containers and bins and our patent rear protection device. Absolutely nothing is left to chance.



More and more municipalities and private contractors are introducing pay-as-you-throw systems which demand that the bin lift systems can record weight and account information accurately. The data harvested during collections can be used for invoicing, round analysis or to assess contracts. Terberg Machines produces a range of advanced weighing and identification systems, tailored to our collection systems that can also be fully integrated with telematics and reporting systems. We are the only manufacturer in the world which supplies bin lifts integrated with certified and calibrated weighing and identification systems. Ideally, these systems are integrated with an automatic bin lift system at point of manufacture. However, they can also be retrofitted to compatible Terberg bin lifts.



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