Product Updates October 2021


Latest Product Changes & Options

This month's updates affect the Olympus, Olympus Twin Pack and Olympus Mini for the European markets.


Latest product changes developed 
Change description Application of the change Market affected Equipment in production affected
O     L     Y     M     P     U     S
Drainage units for the entire OL model range have been updated. These new assemblies are made of 60mm diameter tube instead of 63mm tube.
The reason for the change is that national suppliers do not have tube of these characteristics (63 mm), this tube diameter is only found in the UK.
  CE markets -
The upper and lower supports have been designed for mounting the rear lights on an OL Narrow with OMNIDEL lifter. Due to the configuration of the OL Narrow with the OMNIDEL lifter the rear lights must be mounted close to the lifter to ensure viewing angles are met.
To date, there was a valid Terberg option for mounting the lights, but the client TMSAS requests a configuration directly from Ros Roca.
30/05/2021 CE markets -
Body front acces barrier: A barrier has been designed to block access between the cab and the body when the separation between them is longer than 250 mm, since according to the UNE-EN_1501-1 standard, such protection is mandatory. In order to comply with the distance between the cabin and the body, 2 sets have been created that will be installed whenever necessary. 30/05/2021 CE markets -
A new OL20WDE body with low platform has been created.
This configuration has been created because it was currently claimed by TMSAS.
01/06/2021 CE markets -
New thickness of the 360º camera (option 176020 support) because in some cases it is necessary to increase the vision range. This modification applies to all projects requiring the mentioned option. 15/06/2021 CE markets -
A new design for the underrun protection for OL Wide and Narrow with footboards has been created to fulfil standard R58.03.                30/06/2021 CE markets 317443, 317257 and 317258 (TMB)
Greasing system for UPC has been updated. Due to the modification of the footboards, only two greasing points are required instead of the 4 required before. 30/09/2021 CE markets  
All manufacturing sets for the sound level sticker have been modified. The reason was to change the mounting position of the adhesive on the body from 200mm from the beginning of the body to 345mm, to avoid a collision with the external ladder that could damage the adhesive.
It affects the entire OL Wide and Narrow range.
24/08/2021 CE markets  
The position of the "ladder clamp" sticker that is mounted on the side door of the OL has been updated. In the current position, operators could put their feet on the adhesive when climbing the ladder. With the new defined position (170 mm from the longitudinal weld of the body) the operators can no longer damage it. 25/08/2021 CE markets  
A new support has been designed for mounting the “blind spot” adhesive on the OMNIMAX lifter. This plate will be mounted on the tailgate frame, in already prepared holes.
Before, this adhesive was mounted on a sheet that had to be reworked on the line.
The mounting of the bracket and the “blind spot” adhesive will be standardized in all OMNIMAX equipment, whether they are destined for France or not.   
10/09/2021 CE markets  
A new option has been created corresponding to the installation of the oil cooler mounted on the front of the box for the return of the press.
It has been generated from NC0527 but there is still no project defined for its assembly.
30/09/2021 CE markets  
The profile of the continuous subframe has been changed from UPN to a square profile. The reason is to increase the rigidity of the continuous subframe. 30/07/2021 CE markets 317434, 317489, 317806, 317807, 317847, 317654 and 317655
The hydraulic installation of the tailgate for a EUROTRADE lifter + Winch has been updated, adapting the hydraulic installation to the connection of the Terberg lifter hoses, these are M14. 30/09/2021 CE markets  
All underrun assemblies for the OLW (high / low) and OLN (high and low) have been updated. These changes are due to the obligation to comply with the ECE 58 standard, current designs require changes.
The width between the arms of each of the underrun assemblies and the distance between the lateral reinforcement plates that are welded to each side of the tailgate to hold the underrun bar have been increased from 82mm to 86mm.
A new screw has been created to screw the underrun bars into the tailgate, replacing the current screws.
30/09/2021 CE markets  
The blanking plate and the 4 pushbuttons panel for the MANUAL OVERRIDE BUTTONS (control station override for OmniMAx) have been modified. The change has been generated to avoid the oxidation of the pieces in very humid destinations. 10/01/2022 CE markets  
The body roof wiring protection plate has been created on the OLTP for the OLTP10N, OLTP16W and OLTP22W capacities. 21/05/2021 CE markets -
Protections for cabling in the roof have been designed for OLTP10N, OLTP16W and OLTP22W.  21/07/2021 CE markets  
Washing hands station option has been updated for OL W/N and OL MINI. 15/10/2021 CE markets  
Right / left brackets for tank assembly have been updated for the OL MINI model. The distance between the holes of the fixings was not optimized and this caused having to rework each of the supports on the line.
The brackets for the OL Wide and Narrow models have also been changed to reduce the number of brackets to mount. To date, the support that held the tank was mounted and a support that was screwed to another support attached to the lower guides of the platform. The new bracket will hold the tank and screw into the guides directly.
A new 93 dB sound level sticker has been created.
This adhesive must be applied to the entire Olympus range (Extra Narrow, Industrial, Mini, Narrow, Wide) that is built on an electric chassis.
24/09/2021 CE markets  
A new lifeline certified according to EN795:2012 has been designed for OL and OL MINIs.
The reason for the change is to improve the current lifeline approved according to the regulations on safety machines.                                
30/10/2021 CE markets 317652
Latest updates in options
Option text Option code  Modification type Market affected
O     L     Y     M     P     U     S
Preparation for mounting of Terberg EuroTrade_Sloped tailgate
Preparation for the installation of Terberg EuroTrade lifter, supplied and mounted by the customer. Includes the fitting kit for a Terberg EuroTrade bin lift, control panels for collector and lifter, compaction cycle control panel, preparation for footboards (footboards supplied with the lifter).
Road lights not included.
NOT compatible with OLN. Use this option for EuroTrade WLS + with a a winch option.
034210 TEXT MODIFIED (Deleted restriction for HCT without winch) CE Markets 
Mounting of Terberg EuroTrade bin lift_Sloped tailgate.
Installation of Terberg EuroTrade lifter , supplied by the customer. Includes the fitting kit for a Terberg EuroTrade bin lift, control panels for collector and lifter, compaction cycle control panel, preparation for footboards (footboards supplied with the lifter).
Road lights not included.
NOT compatible with OLN. Use this option for EuroTrade WLS + with a a winch option.
034220 TEXT MODIFIED (Deleted restriction for HCT without winch) CE Markets 
External Neutral Circuit. It allows to operate the mechanism of the collection vehicle with a gear engaged, simulating a neutral position if speed is 3-5km/h and driver activates hand brake. It helps the work of the driver, as there is no need to engage and desengage every time.
Only for chassis Renault, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, DAF  and MAN.
023020 TEXT MODIFIED (Now available for all DAF chassis) CE Markets 
Antiwear platform.
Olympus body with antiwear platform made of HARDOX 450AR (HIACE) instead of S355.
019020 TEXT MODIFIED (Material updated) CE Markets 
Superior light support. With installation.
Supports for the superior lights in case client needs to arrange the final position of the lights to higher point.
Only with Terberg Eurotrade lifter.
191020 Option deleted CE Markets
Lifter arms type 1000/1700 for UPC.
Bin lift arms for 4 wheels containers (according to EN_840_2 and EN_840_3), and 1700l Sulo containers. Lifting capacity 1000Kg. Retainer modified according to this arms. Without lid openers.
ONLY with UPC800 lifter and option 179030.
NOT compatible with  HCT,  FMS options, Satellite option, Underground hopper options.
038050 New option (NC0414) CE Markets
OL20,5W(+) FBM  012313 NEW OLYMPUS CAPACITY CE Markets
Liquid collecting tank (Body)
Tank to collect leachates from the body area, made in INOX  with a capacity of 120 litres. Mounted under the body.
Not available for OLYMPUS NARROW. Not available for OL13W or OL14W.
56043 TEXT MODIFIED (Material updated) CE Markets 
DIN frame for mounting bin lift - hinged version
Hinged DIN frame for auxiliary lifters. Hinge allows the DIN frame to swing away from the body for easier access to the tailgate area. Includes a lifting jack, light bridge and tailgate roof.
ONLY for OL N. 
In case of choosing this option, then option 036030 is mandatory.
In case of choosing this option together with footboards, then option 088130 has to be also chosen.
35046 TEXT MODIFIED (Included conditions of mandatory options) CE Markets
Weighing System: Preparation AE.
Preparation for under body AE weighing system. Preparation includes mounting of OL on a specific subframe fitted with the AE weighing system.
Subframe supplied and mounted on the chassis by the customer.
18130 New option CE Markets
O  L  Y  M  P  U  S       M  I  N  I
Preinstallation of POD COMBI system. Preinstallation for POD COMBI system. It includes of electrical material and hydraulic modification in front of the body.
ONLY with FBU and aubframe supplied by the client.
2186020 Reference modified CE Markets 
Additional video camera - reverse gear.  Additional camera activated when reverse gear is engaged. 2114110 New option CE Markets 
Weighing System. Preparation PM-30870 (client).
Adaptation for the installation of a static weight system PME (PM 30870). Installation of the weight system not included.Adaptation for the installation of a static weight system PME (PM 30870). Installation of the weight system not included.
Only for FBU.
2018035 New option CE Markets 


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